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 Guided Feeding Services


provided by Shelby Champagne and Natalie Schroeder

Shelby and Natalie can both work to guide families to better understand their infant’s needs and the developmental transition to solid foods. We will work to support your families priorities in feeding and setting typical expectations around the table.


Is your little one experiencing difficulty with getting past purees, food refusal, difficulty with textures, picky eating, frustration, vomiting, or gaging during mealtimes. Are YOU getting overwhelmed at mealtimes or with the idea of what to offer for food. Are you feeling like you've tried it all, and you're doctor "just says wait it out".

We want mealtimes to be a positive and safe time for your whole family!


  • Nursery setup

  • Safe sleep practices

  • Choosing a sleep support style

  • Guided sleep support

  • Sleep education

  • Support with night waking

  • Nap-time support

  • Developing a routine and promoting flexibility.

  • Developmental milestone check-in

Feeding support could include the following:

  • Highchair positioning 

  • Oral motor skills assessment 

  • Helping parents to understand typical feeding progression

  • Texture progression 

  • Sensory involvement

  • How to introduce utensils, cups, straws and move away from bottles and sippy cups

  • Understanding cues and ideal eating windows for age of your child

  • Picky eating strategies

  • Promoting positive family mealtimes 

Webinar: Eating from 6-12 months!

Package Details

Webinar covers the following topics: transitioning textures, building independent skills and promoting exploration!


20 minute virtual Q&A follow-up

with our OT 

Starting solids off right- Promoting a positive relationship with eating! 

Package Details

Includes: fillable questionnaire on families feeding concerns and goals, virtual education and support on signs of readiness, highchair set up, safety, graded introduction of solids, and recommendations to support a positive and enjoyable feeding experience for all! 


​2 x 20 minute follow-up virtual supports.

*Home support available upon request at additional charge.

Let's take the picky out of eating!

Package Details

Includes: fillable intake questionnaire, food tracking log for parents, virtual consultation meeting, and tailored written recommendations.  

*Home support available upon request at additional charge.

Feeding Consultation

Service Details

Offering more direct support and assessment for families with challenging feeding experience.


Includes an intake call, in person assessment, and tailored recommendations.

It is highly recommended that additional follow up is scheduled for parent education and progression of the child's skills.

Additional Services


Additional Follow up

20 minutes - $50.00

30 minutes - $85.00

60 minutes - $115.00

Home and Virtual Support Provided!



Determined at the time of booking.

We have therapists located in Winnipeg and Rurally.

Not sure where to start...

Struggling with feeding or not sure where to start, book a FREE 15-minute virtual call to get you started!

"let's bring joy back into feeding!" 

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