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Lactation Services

Lactation consulting is a client-centered approach that supports families with

evidence based knowledge to help them understand typical lactation and

infant feeding skills.

My goal is to educate, empower, and guide families to better understand their infant’s needs and protect the feeding effectiveness, supply, and experience. I do this in collaboration with parents, by helping them to identify barriers that are impacting breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or infants oral motor skills.


I want to reduce stress and increase safe and effective feeding for all!

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provided by Natalie Schroeder

Just a quick note...

We wish Natalie well in her maternity leave! Lactation Services will resume in 2025!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at


  • Nursery setup

  • Safe sleep practices

  • Choosing a sleep support style

  • Guided sleep support

  • Sleep education

  • Support with night waking

  • Nap-time support

  • Developing a routine and promoting flexibility.

  • Developmental milestone check-in

Lactation support could include the following:

  • Assessment of both parent/mother and infant feeding skills (breast, chest, or bottle)

  • Observe and assess for effectiveness of feeding skills and milk transfer

  • Coach and educate to parents optimal feeding positions, latch, frequency, and durations of feedings. 

  • Educate on normal infant intake and output

  • Problem solve and educate on potential adverse outcomes to breastfeeding before they occur or during recovery. For example:

    • Nipple trauma or pain

    • Engorgement and mastitis management / prevention

    • Fatigue or stress to birth parents body

    • Adapting daily activities for vaginal and c-section recovery

    • And more!

  • ​Provide anticipatory guidance and education of breastfeeding, bottle or formula feeding, weaning, low supply issues, over supply issues, etc

  • Assess infant oral skills to determine if there are sensory processing, tongue tie, or asymmetry are effecting latch and feeding skills

  • Educate and coaching through the choice to feed breast milk or formula 

  • Assess and review paced bottle feeding and determine best bottle/nipple fit

  • Work with parents of preterm and late term infants to educate on the infants developmental differences related to feeding, while helping to establish and maintain breast milk supply

  • Counsel and educate on return to work for breastfeeding parents - selecting a breast pump, safe milk storage, maintaining breast milk supply, and communicating to care provider infant feeding preferences

We're Better Together

Package Details

Includes education on typical feeding patterns, latch, and positioning support

60min in-home lactation support


30min follow-up virtual call or written consult note with recommendations

The Let-Down 

Package Details

Detailed intake questionnaire and support of more in-depth feeding concerns, with education and additional follow-up support


90min in-home comprehensive breastfeeding and oral skills assessment (including tongue ties) with written recommendations


3 x 20min follow-up virtual support

(in-person on request)

Bring the bottle

Package Details

Includes education on paced feeding, pumping or formula use, safe storage and bottle preparation

60min in-home assessment of bottle positioning and best fit options


30min follow-up virtual call or written consult with recommendations

Customized Support


$160 initial consultation

(60 minute)

Home and Virtual Support Provided!

Additional Services

Additional Follow up

20 minutes - $50.00

30 minutes - $85.00

60 minutes - $115.00

Home and Virtual Support Provided!


Determined at the time of booking.

We have therapists located in Winnipeg and Rurally.

Not sure where to start...

Book a FREE 15 minute virtual call with Natalie to connect and get support started!

"every drop counts!"

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